These links will direct you to news on what the government is doing, how
to contact your representatives, polls, commentaries, petitions, and
activities. Please let us know of other links you would like to see or
questions you have.
House of Representatives  or  United States Senate - find and contact your representatives

Candidate Search 2010 - Information on CO candidates

American Center for Law & Justice

Details on Legislators  or  Details on money and Representatives

Who contributes the most to our government?

Glenn Beck's 9 12 project - You are not Alone!

Supreme Court of the United States

American Voice

GOPUSA - Great commentaries

Rasmussen Reports


Tax day tea party Politics
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While the people retain
their virtue and
Administration by any
extreme of wickedness
or folly can very
seriously injure the
Goverment in the short
space of four years. ~
Abraham Lincoln 1861
"If there must be trouble, let it
be in my day, that my child may
have peace." Thomas Paine