"If there must be trouble, let it
be in my day, that my child may
have peace." Thomas Paine
Do you want change in government but feel alone and helpless?
Our most powerful way to make our voices heard daily is still to contact our
representatives in both our state and at the federal level. Sean and Yvette want to assist you
at doing that -  details are in the
Contact Congress section.
We understand. Many of us are feeling as if our elected "Representatives" are
not actually listening to us. It feels as if special interest groups and those that
riot and picket are in charge of the country.

We want to help give you your voice back while also connecting people with
the same views. To achieve this we have placed links on this page to virtual
gathering places for like minded people and we will also assist you with
contacting Washington.
Project 9-12. Glenn Beck
We Surround Them Network
How do we make a difference?
Contact Representatives
We hold these truths to
be self evident, that all
men are created equal,
that they are endowed
by their Creator with
certain inalienable
rights, that among these
are Life, Liberty and
the Pursuit of
Happiness. ~ Thomas
Jefferson , The
declaration of
Independence 1776
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