Sean & Yvette  tell you who they support and why.
Democracy is the
assertion of the right of
the individual to live
and to be treated justly
as against any attempt
on the part of any
combination of
individuals to make
laws which will
overburden him or
which will destroy his
equality among his
fellows in the matter of
right or privilege. ~
Woodrow Wilson 1920
"If there must be trouble, let it
be in my day, that my child may
have peace." Thomas Paine
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The 2012 presidential race candidates will soon
be requesting our attentions. We will closely be
watching the candidates.
At this time the only Republican to officially
throw his hat in the ring is
Herman Cain.
A business man from Atlanta, GA Herman Cain is
worth a look. As all the candidates are known
we will be making our decisions.