"If there must be trouble, let it be in my
day, that my child may have peace."
Thomas Paine
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Hear the Colorado Governor candidates debate.

Crazy times here in my hometown. Many people including many with big name
recognition have jumped on the Tom Tancredo bandwagon. We are sticking with
our support for Dan Maes for various reasons not the least of which is Tancredo’s
past behavior.

Here is an amazing article on this subject

When this election cycle started I promised myself that I would no longer just vote
for the person who could win but that I would vote my convictions. While many
may feel Tom is the conservative god I have watched him flip-flop too much over
the years to believe he will stand firm. Dan might not be perfect but I believe he is a
man of God and has integrity. I know so much about the people calling him a liar
etc. that I don’t buy the allegations plus my spirit is not troubled by Dan. If I’m
wrong or if I’m right and Dan still loses I will still be able to look myself in the eye
when it is over unlike years past when I went along with the story line that I had to
vote for the person that could get elected.